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Parish Bulletin Feb. 25, 2007

View this week’s parish bulletin: Parish Bulletin Feb. 25, 2007


Parish Bulletin Feb. 18, 2007

View this week’s parish bulletin: Parish Bulletin Feb. 18, 2007

Lenten schedule for our cluster

Here is the Lenten schedule 2007.

Parish Bulletin Feb. 4, 2007

View this week’s parish bulletin: Parish Bulletin Feb. 4, 2007

Parish Council Meeting, Feb. 11, 2007

Today’s parish council meeting was held in a “Town Hall” meeting style, which means that all parishioners were invited to attend the meeting which was held on a Sunday after Mass instead of the usual week day meeting time. Coffee and doughnuts were available and the meeting got under way at 12 o’clock, noon.

Council President Tony Ziebron started the meeting saying vespers and then began going through the agenda. Some of the items discussed in today’s meeting included restoration projects underway and completed as well as plans for some future projects. Also discussed were upcoming parish events sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, the Men’s Club and the Women’s Guild. We have a chairperson for next summer’s Pierogi Festival and three polka bands have been booked, Pan Franek and Zosia, the Kielbasa Kings, and the Misty Blues. The parish blog was introduced at this meeting as well. There was a good deal more business discussed too. Look for more on that to come.

Parish Bulletin Feb. 11, 2007

Having just celebrated Candlemass and having recently packed away all the Christmas decorations, we now look towards observing the Lenten season. In this week’s parish bulletin you will find a Lenten Fish Fry Volunteer Sign-up Sheet along with all the other parish news. You can view the entire parish bulletin by clicking on the following link. Parish Bulletin Feb. 11, 2007

Have a blessed week!

Welcome to our parish blog!

Welcome to the Sweetest Heart of Mary parish blog. Our church is located at 4440 Russell Street in Detroit, Michigan. If you’d like more information about our parish, please see the parish web site at Polish stained glass window