Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church is located at 4440 Russell Street (at Canfield Ave.) in Detroit, Michigan. The church is the largest in the Archdiocese of Detroit and was founded by Father Dominic Kolasinski in 1889. “Hearts” is one of the east side trinity of Polish Catholic Churches on Canfield Avenue, the others being St. Albertus and St. Josaphat.

Presently, Sweetest Heart of Mary parish is clustered with St. Josaphat and St. Joseph parishes.

We always welcome visitors and new parishioners. Our church is absolutely beautiful with award winning stained glass windows and a historic organ. Please come see us!

For more information about our parish visit the main parish web site at SweetestHeartOfMary.org.


6 comments so far

  1. Therese Boucher on


    I like the way you are reaching out to people on the internet through a parish blog. Keep it up! It looks like the hard part is spreading the word about what you have.

  2. Peter Kuzara on

    Where on the blog is the Pierogi Festival for 2007 listed. What does B L O G stand for.


  3. studiofusha on


    Our parish is looking into a blog for posting the bulletin -I was wondering have you had any problems with spam or unwanted comments? Can you turn comments off if you just want a strictly info blog?

  4. sweetestheart on

    The Pierogi Festival information is listed in a post dated July 16, 2007.

  5. sweetestheart on

    Spam comments haven’t been a problem thus far. And yes, you can turn off comments altogether.

  6. bernice palmeri on

    Just wanted to thank Sweetest Heart for hosting their annual Pierogi Festival. We enjoy attending and feasting on fabulous food. This year we look forward to attending our first Polka Mass. Again, thanks for a wonderful tradition.

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