Catholic Mother’s Society Enrollment

Once again, for another year we invite you to submit the names of your beloved mothers, both living and deceased, to be remembered at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on twenty special occasions throughout the up-coming year. These Masses will be offered throughout the year beginning with Monday, May 14th.

The donation is $25 for EACH NAME SUBMITTED. This entitles that person to a one year enrollment. Renewals will take place on Mother’s Day of 2008 In order to get the benefit of all 20 Masses you must submit your names by Wednesday, May 9th, 2007. Names may be added throughout the year, but all renewals will take place in May of 2008.

The Mass is the greatest of all prayers known to humanity. The Blessed Virgin was the greatest and most perfect of all of our dear Lord’s disciples! We honor Christ by honoring His mother and celebrating her feasts. We also honor our beloved Mothers by procuring for them, as an act of love, all the graces the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offers.

We hope many will take advantage of this opportunity and not only submit the names of their mothers but also attend these special Masses on the feasts of our Lady. No other intentions will be taken for those days.

Catholic Mother’s Society Enrollment Form

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