Replica Model of the Church

Jan Bliznik created a model of Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in the 1930s. It was donated to S.S. Cyril and Methodius Seminary in 1972 and lated given to the church. It took him 8 years to complete the project which is permanantly on display inside the church. For those who haven’t seen it, it is truly a masterpiece.

I was recently contacted by Patrycja, a great neice of Jan Bliznik. She asked if was possible to give Jan some recognition for his efforts on the parish web site. I suggested she write up some information about Jan and I’d post it here on the parish blog as well as mention his name on the parish online photo tour (I’m getting to that next 😉 Here is the information she sent me.

He used to go past this church every day. In Poland he was always facinated by the structures of buildings. He became facinated by the beauty of this Church so he decided to make one. The Church itself is made of scraps of wood he would find and the windows made of candy wrappers found on the ground, things that he had saved from his home, and he created this replica out of this.

In Poland he wanted to be an inventor. Jan Immigrated in 1905 through the Port of Ellis island and came to Delray, Detroit. In 1906 his sister wrote to him asking him to sponser her so she could come, he did, and he sponsered more family. He also sponsored his wife whom he married in 1908, named Agnes Figura. He knew her in Poland, and he wanted to marry her, she promised him she would so she waited till he sponsered her, and she came here, others in Poland wanted to marry her, but she had promised Jan Bliznik she would marry him, she came in 1907 via Ellis Island.

When John died in 1977, the replica was taken to Sweetest Heart of Mary, donated to the church in his name.

Take a look at the model the next time you’re at church and imagine the time and effort Jan put into creating it!
Model of Sweetest Heart of Mary Church


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  1. Bronius on

    This info is very interesting to me. My grandfather’s father was Jan Bliznik also. He lived in Vilnius district, Poland at that time. (Wilno in Polish). Maybe they was from one family. If Patrycija will be kind to answer me, we can discuss about it.
    I’am living in Lithuania, Vilnius

  2. Patrycja on

    you can email me about your Jan Bliznik because
    and ancestors.. I have more names up to
    GGG-Grandfather and the family stayed in
    Polanka Wielka Malopolskie. but I also have
    siblings of Jans father Antoni who ran a flour
    mill in Poland.. there was several boys
    Maybe further up a connection?


  3. Bronius on

    For Patricija,
    There is no e-mail adress in your comment. My e-mail is
    Maybe we will establish e-mail contact and share our information about ancestors.


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